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DinoLite Digital Microscope

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AM4113ZT Dino-Lite Premier(Polarize)

The Dino-Lite Premier AM4113ZT is a 1.3 Megapixels handheld digital microscope with adjustable polar..


AM3113T Dino-Lite Premier

The Dino-Lite Premier AM3113T, which is upgraded from AM3013T for finer magnification adjustment and..


Available Options

AM4113T DinoLite Premier

The Dino-Lite Premier AM4113T is a convenient, easy to use, professional handheld digital microscope..


Available Options

AM4113T-FVW Dino-Lite Premier

Featuring 400nm UV and white lights switchable by software with enhanced 1.3 Megapixels sensor.Enhan..


Available Options

AM4113T5X (500x Fixed Focus)

The AM4113T5x was designed for professional users who need sharp picture quality as well as measurem..


AM4113TL DinoLite Pro (Long Working Distance)

Featuring 1.3 Megapixels resolution, interchangeable front cap, and working distance optics.Enhanced..


AM4113ZT4 Dino-Lite Premier

Featuring 400x optics with rotatable polarization using enhanced 1.3 Megapixels sensor. Over 40..


Available Options


The Dino-Lite AM4115-FIT handheld digital microscope features 850nm infrared LED lighting. The AM411..


AM4115ZT Dino-Lite Edge

The AM4115ZT, with the exceptional image quality of Dino-Lite Edge, is designed to meet more profess..


AM4115ZTW Dino Lite Edge

With zoom lens operable at magnification 10x-50x, the AM4115ZTW delivers stunning corner-to-corner s..


AM7013MT Dino-Lite Premier

The Dino-Lite Premier AM7013MT digital handheld microscope has a 5 Megapixels sensor allowing you to..


Dino-Lite AM4815T Edge

Innovate to meet most challenges. Adding to the high image quality of Dino-Lite Edge, the AM4815T pr..


AD4113TL-MA1 Dino-Lite Premier

The Dino-Lite Premier AD4113TL-MA1 is a long working distance model providing more distance to work ..


AF3113T Dino-Lite Premier

The Dino-Lite Premier AF3113T is a general-purpose model made with quality, providing fluid live-pre..


AF4515ZT Dino-Lite Edge

Featuring with FLC and AMR, the Dino-Lite Edge 1.3MP AF4515ZT was made to be tool of choice for meas..


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