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Motic PA53MET Metallurgy Instrument

  • Brands Motic Microscope
  • Product Code:Motic PA53MET Metallurgy Instrument
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The PA53-MET features superior optical performance and next-generation technology.


Superior Optical Performance


Expertly designed, carefully crafted, high-performance Motic objective lenses provide excellent clarity in any observation environment. Experience this high optical performance for yourself and find out why so many top researchers, inspectors, and technicians praise the quality of Motic Scientific Instruments products.


Intelligent, Sleek Design


Advanced ergonomic design, compact size, carefully sourced high-quality materials, and versatile digital capabilities ensure minimal operator fatigue during extended periods of operation.


Innovative Module Design


The compact size of the PA53-MET minimizes required installation space. Interchangeable individual modules meet the needs of any application. You can select the appropriate optional accessories for your task: reflected light illuminators, transmitted light illuminators, XY stage, Z-axis, etc.

Customizable Optics and Lighting Systems


Reflected Light Illuminator


The reflected light illuminator provides a variety of observation methods such as BF, BF/DF or DIC to meet all user needs.


Combined Switch for BF/DF and ND Filter


With the BF/DF converter switch on the front, it is easier to change observation modes. The interlocking ND filter protects the operator’s eyes against dramatic changes in brightness,


Polarizer and Analyzer Filters


A set of polarizer and analyzer filters help you switch from the DIC/POL to other observation modes quickly and easily. These filters are designed as sliders and are accessible from either side of the microscope for maximum convenience.


Optimal DIC with High Quality Imaging


Using a DIC slider with a single prism, Nomarski DIC observation mode offers easy switching to other observation modes and facilitates observations on any range of magnifications because the position of the DIC prism remains constant.


Transmitted Light System


ND6, ND25 and LB filters are built in for the observation of samples via transmitted light. This allows for the best possible image clarity for the intended application in conjunction with the condenser

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