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AM4113T5 (500x Fixed Focus)


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The AM4113T5 was designed for professional users who need sharp picture quality as well as measurement function as professional tool. The measurement capability allows the user to input the magnification rate reading from the microscope and then take measurement on line and circle. Further measurement related functions are kept been developing and the software will be able to be updated automatically through the internet without further charge. The AM4113T5 also featured with built-in 8 LEDs, and LED on/off control capability.

An amazing, easy to use handheld Micro Touch (Trigger Button) digital microscope with USB output interface. High resolution magnification at your fingertips! Detailed examination of any area you choose. With additional accurate measurement and power point features allowing detailed analysis and documentation of captured images. Model AM413T5x/MT5 also has 8 built-in LEDs with an on/off feature for additional illumination as well as glare reduction.

Ideal for a wide variety of practical applications in the classroom, workplace and even the home. Can be used for science and engineering work and study, dermatology (skin/scalp) exam, detailed repair, assembly and quality control (i.e. electronics, mechanical, etc), hobbies & collecting (coin, stamp, watch, jewelry, etc.), law enforcement (counterfeit ID, crime lab, etc), entertainment or simply as a reading aid. Just use your imagination!

Included with each Dino-Lite digital microscope is a copy of the "DinoCapture" software which will allow you to "capture" either a photograph, video or time-lapsed video with a simple click!


  • Compatible Windows 2000/XP, Vista and most MAC OS (please verify MAC OS)
  • Measurement with calibration features (not available on Mac OS)
  • Microscope Dimensions and Weight:

    • Body length: 3.7 inches / 9.5 cm
    • Body Diameter: 1.28 inches / 3.3cm max.
    • Cable length: 6 feet / 180 cm

    Mechanical Layout:

    • Body with USB cable: 95g +/- 10g
    • Total package weight: 280g +/- 20g (not including manual)

    Regulatory Approvals:

    • CE, FCC, ROHS

    Additional Information:

    • The USB connection eliminates the need for interface cards or expensive software
    • The software for the collection and processing of photos is included
    • Software is easy and convenient to load and use
    • Automatic or manual color balance and control
    • Automatic or manual brightness control

    Product Requirements:

    • Intel Pentium 4 2.4G MHz processor or faster
    • Windows 2000/XP, Vista
    • 512 MB RAM
    • CD-ROM drive
    • 16-bit color display monitor or higher
    • Available Hi-speed USB 2.0 Port

    General Features:

    • Micro-Touch (trigger button)
    • USB 2.0 Output, 1.3M / Resolution 1280x1024
    • Magnification: 500X Fixed
    • Measurement with calibration features (not available on Mac OS)

    Technical Specifications:

    • Micro-Touch (trigger button)
    • USB 2.0 Output, 1.3M / Resolution 1280x1024
    • Magnification: 500X Fixed
    • Sensor: 1/3 Color CMOS
    • Video frame Rate: up to 30 frame-per-second
    • Illumination: built-in 8 white LEDs
    • LED on/off controlled by software
    • Save File form

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